Welcome to cococado!


Avocado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s so much I want to say about cococado – why and when and how.. But for now, it’s easier to simply introduce myself!

Since very shortly after first laying eyes on my chubby duck-billed baby face some year ago, my mom has called me ‘coco’.

I find this nickname hilarious for several reasons.

1. I am as pale as they come.
2. My first (and last) bowl of coco-puffs was eaten around age 15.
3. The name on my birth certificate could in no way be the basis of this nickname.

She claims it captures my essence.

My mother raised me with a beautiful, clean diet. My idea of comfort food is still brown rice, asparagus and tofu pillows. Nothing artificial, no food coloring, not too much sugar or salt, and as many whole foods as possible. I have always regarded these guidelines as ‘the way to eat well’, and (whether or not I’ve always abided by them) I had always planned to implement them in my own adult life.

The caveat:

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